Teen Sexting Laws in Virginia

When talking to children between the ages of 15 and 16, the figure is as high as 90%. The same study reported that 50% of those who took photos and videos sent them to other people.

By the age of 16, 20% said they had received such images. In the United States, more than two-thirds (66%) of people aged 15 to 16 say they have received messages from acquaintances.

Sexting, sexting is a current word in English, a word that alludes to the use of a digital camera or other electronic device for sexual communication. The problems arising from SMS affect minors because many adults photograph and record on their devices enter into cyber relationships in which they expose themselves to inconvenience and send content to other people without recording their contact with their interlocutors.

The author of an image has the intention of passing on the content only to a person whom he trusts for a very specific purpose. The truth is that the moment the broadcast is made on the device; the sender loses control of the image or recording in question until it stops. For those unaware of the proliferation of private images, this entails an important psychological risk, which is derived from sexting into childhood and adolescence. This is a problem that can also be shared, albeit with varying degrees of intensity, by adults who indulge in the same kind of ruthlessness. Finally, when we think about images and recordings of an erotic or sexual nature, the criminal types are often obscured by private content which, when disseminated, can seriously damage the privacy of their victims, whether it is a patient in hospital, a drug user or someone who has committed a serious crime such as murder, rape, sexual assault or murder. I see many real examples that explain the need for legislative reform that will lead to the deletion of sexting from the list of offences under the European Convention on Human Rights. It may also serve to highlight some of the dangerous consequences faced by children, young people and adults today, and the ignorant innocence with which they set their own traps by sending pictures or intimate videos.