Punishment for possession of a controlled substance in Virginia

There are various types of punishments for various types of crimes. The severity of the crime, the offender’s purpose, and age and other factors. These penalties are as follows: imprisonment, imprisonment and deportation; Deprivation of the punishment for the punishment of a person punishing a person (for example, the inability to settle in any place); Corporal punishments include torture or death, sentences, bonds and property confiscation, such as death sentences and financial penalties.

Why is drug abuse a crime?

Drug abuse is the current behavioral behavior. However, long-term drug addiction can become a chronic and recurrent brain disease. Drug addicts, and drug addicts, affect every aspect of their lives and their families. There can be dangerous and serious consequences for the future of a young person and adult so that drugs can be used to make drugs, brain activity and other serious medical consequences. That’s why Virginia is enjoying the drugs very seriously.

Ask an experienced criminal lawyer who has been arrested for a drug offense to help prevent other drugs from being harmed. Even though the state is not obligatory to abolish its charges, good legal protection reduces the chance of maximum punishment.

Drug stock: A crime or a mistake?

These crimes have been imposed on how many times you were convicted. Breaking Virginia’s drug laws will lead to greater punishment and long sentences, with long sentences. If you are convicted for the first time, it is considered an offense.


Scenario 1 (§ 54.1-3446), or Scenario 2 (§ 54.1-3448). For a maximum fine of $ 2,500 and a prison sentence of 10.

However, some classes of class 5 can decide the mistakes of accusing people in Class 1 offenses, especially if their first offense is wrong. In these cases, the maximum fine is $ 2,500 jail and jail per year.

Schedule 3 (§ 54.1-3450) The drug drug is an offense. It is a fine of $ 2,500 and a maximum penalty for a one-year prison sentence. LSD, catamins and other high risk weed control programs are listed in three programs.

Schedule 4 (§ 54.1-3452) is an offense of the drug. Their maximum punishment is 1,000 and six months imprisonment. The list of drugs in Program 4 contains high levels of drugs and drugs.

Receiving a 5 mg (54.1-3454) drug is a class III error. Your maximum fine is $ 500. There are many types of drugs, such as Painkillers, in the program.

Schedule 6 (§ 54.1-3455) Drug is a class 4 defect. Your maximum fine is up to $ 250. Program 6 is a medicine for the control of ADHD.

The conviction for any of the above-mentioned violations has been suspended for six months.