Classification of Class 2 Felonies in VA

class 2 felonies in VA


Do you know that? A felony charge can make you a criminal in all of your records and documents. People need to understand the values and laws of Virginia, you will get secure or walk free if you commit a crime in charge of felony. Though, there are absolute six classes of felonies, in where the class 1 and class 2 are the most severe and dangerous charges. If a person has been charged with the class 2 felony, he/she may go through many severe penalties and punishments. In penalty, you may stay in jail for up to several years with a fine as well.

Also, in Virginia, you may face two kinds of charges such as a felony and a misdemeanor. In where felonies charges are the most severe as compared to the misdemeanor charges. However, in a felony charge, you need to hire a lawyer for the defense, just when you have been charged with wrong or false allegations.

If you really commit a crime with the charge of class 2 felony, then there is a chance that not even a lawyer can save you from the penalties and punishments. But, when you find yourself in some wrong allegations and false information regarding your personality or your name, you should immediately hire a defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Although here we discuss the classification of class 2 felonies, the penalties and punishments it has will also discuss here down below. It’s all about your knowledge so you can understand the penalties and charges of the class 2 felony.

classification of class 2 felonies in VA

In class 2 felony, your penalty would also be depended about the intensity of the crime, same as the class 1 felony. However, when you have been charged with the class 2 felony, you might have done these crimes below:

Kidnapping, you might be involved with the crime like kidnapping, in where the victim may suffer both the physical and mental abuse.

Arson, you might be involved in torturing someone so badly that the victim may have to go through severe mental illness.

Aggravated wicked wounding, by which the victim may go through permanent physical impairment to other people.

You might be arrested in the case of murder.

Sometimes a burglary case can also be charged with the class 2 felony, just when you used a deadly weapon.

However, these types of physical and mental torture crimes can be charged with the class 2 felony, in where the culprit may go through 20 years imprisonment along with the fine of $100,000.

The defense lawyer of class 2 felonies in VA

A defense lawyer is the most important thing for you in further solving the case. This will also save your career as well as can protect you from other harsh penalties.

If you ever find yourself in some wrong or mistakenly charges of class 2 felonies, hire a lawyer as soon as possible. This is the only choice left for you to make your future secure.