Child Neglect Laws Hanover Virginia

One of the most rewarding experience in life is caring for a child. The reward can also become a serious trouble with law enforcement agency if the things go wrong in Hanover, Virginia. A simple mistake by the parents or by the caregiver can be interpreted as a child neglect or abuse by medical personnel or by law enforcement agency. It is also important to know that a funny child rearing for example spanking can also land you in court. If you are investigated or charged with child neglect or child abuse take some time to understand the information below.

What is a Child Neglect or Abuse in Hanover, Virginia

The term child neglect and child abuse means several things in Hanover, Virginia criminal law. If you leave a child at home alone or unattended it can be very dangerous in both situation as this can bring two possible charges if the law enforcement finds that this has happened. VA code which covers abuse and neglect of children in violation of Hanover, Virginia comes under the section of 18.2-371.1. This code provides that a parent or caregiver is guilty when willful act or refusal to provide child’s health with necessary care which causes a serious injury. The charge is a Class 4 felony for the parent or caregiver.

Other laws which cover cruelty and injuries to children comes under the Hanover, Virginia code section 40.1-103, this code is very similar to previously defined code. The code states that the parent or caregiver is guilty when willfully or negligently permits the life of the child in danger or to a serious health injury. The charge for this code violation is a class 6 felony.

In simple words the individual is guilty if:

  1. The individual is a caregiver, parent or a guardian who is responsible for the child care.
  2. Intentionally refuse to provide care which is necessary for child’s health.
  3. The act which cause a serious injury or put the life in danger of a child.

Serious injuries are specifically defined under the section of 18.2-371(A), which are:

  • Fractured or broken bones.
  • Life threatening fatal injuries.
  • Deep cuts and severe burns.
  • Injury that cause a permanent damage.
  • Forcefully ingested objects, chemicals and other substances.

As described the charge for this section is a Class 4 felony under Hanover, Virginia law. If found guilty the individual could face a 10 year jail time with a heavy fine of $100,000.


A corporal punishment is allowed in Hanover, Virginia for spanking. If an individual is charged for a child abuse regarding spanking, the court will decide whether the person crossed the line or not. Parents must understand that spanking is also a crime if committed forcefully with an intention to hurt the child. The jury will then decide the fate of the convicted considering the size, age and the nature of the situation, it also depends on the wounds or marks on the body of the child.